Saturday, January 2, 2016


The authors would like to thank the following individuals/entities for the completion of this (epic) novel:

  • the vast amount of movies G! watched and stole from for plot points and (lame, but occasionally funny) pop culture references
  • the friends who we totally copied part of their personalities for to create different characters (both with and without their knowledge)
  • events in the authors lives which have influenced the directions this story took
  • the many friends and beta readers who we sent the novel to, bugging them for feedback
  • almighty and spontaneous inspiration
  • the series of events that brought us together as co-authors, and lead us to discuss the very first premise of this novel one spring afternoon while walking home from school
  • and finally, all of the readers of this blog that have followed us for part or all of our 4 year journey through writing this (epic) novel

K here, sitting in the library finishing up this one last post with G.
It's been an eventful few years, and wow did this story spin out of control. Going from a single idea to a 91(?!) chapter novel was definitely not in the plan, nor did we ever imagine this would be the direction this novel took. The characters we created developed and grew as the years went on, probably somewhat reflective of us growing up as people and developing as writers. I think eventually, we should go back and try to smooth out some writing points and quirks (thanks grade 9 me for being a weird writer), but I think this is a good time for us to finish North by North for the time being.
So what happens now?
Well, G and I had discussed the possibility of starting something new together, though that's still sort of up in the air. Besides, I think we're going to need a little break before we start any new epics. Because trust us, when the two of us put our creative heads together, nothing short of total epicness can result from our collective effort. So it won't be the last you hear from us, but it might be for a little while.
Thank you again so much for being with us and for taking the time to read. 
Until the next epic adventure,
K and G

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